Bamboo Food Container ‘Black Forest’

The ‘Black Forest’ bamboo food container perfect for taking your food to school, work, the gym, on a picnic. Its design is inspired by Japanese bento boxes with elastic strap for sealing. In addition, the lid of the bowl is made of natural bamboo and is suitable for use as a mini cutting board.

It is heat resistant so you can pack all kinds of hot, salty, sweet or grease foods.

The perfect eco-conscious gift that replaces plastic containers and reduces waste.

Biodegradable Food Container – Materials

The food containers of the series are made of:

  • 80% bamboo,
  • 15% corn starchand
  • 5% PLA. PLA is a bioplastic, obtained from lactic acid and is 100% biodegradable.
  • Plastic free package Carefully designed to the last detail, it comes in a minimalist packaging from recyclable paper. 

Bamboo grows so fast that it is characterized as a rapidly renewable resource – Indeed, an entire bamboo forest can grow in just a few years! Bambooregenerates from its roots and does not need replanting to grow a new crop.

Therefore the food container ‘Black Forest’ considered acomplete sustainable product.However, the fastening tape is made of rubber and is not completely disassembled but – it can be reused easily.


Cleaning & Maintenance

The food container is dishwasher safe and the lid and rubber straps must be washed by hand.

Not suitable for microwave.




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Weight 0.325 kg

Green, White


900 ml


12.5 x 5.5 x 19 cm


Bamboo, Corn Starch, PLA


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