Furoshiki gift wrapping fabric in royal blue and golden tree design. The zero waste movement is huge and this collection has everything you need to create your own zero waste solutions for a sustainable Christmas!

100% cotton sateen – 265 threads.

The dimensions of the fabric are 55X55cm and can be used to wrap gifts such as board games, computer peripherals, books, etc.

Made from premium quality yarns to withstand use and leave a silky feel to the touch.
It can be washed in the washing machine (no bleach – temperature below 40 ° C). Iron from the inside out.

If you like to wrap your presents yourself, then the Furoshiki method will delight you!

What is the Furoshiki Wrapping Technique?

It is a traditional Japanese art where a piece of cloth is used to wrap and carry objects. Dating back to 710 BC, it was mainly used to transport valuables and treasures to the temples. It became popular with all members of society as a way of wrapping and carrying personal belongings when visiting public baths. It wasn’t long before the custom spread to wrapping other items such as books, gifts and merchandise.

How it is used

The wrapping process is extremely simple: put the gift in the center of the fabric, wrap it and tie it with a knot. You can see various ways of wrapping in the videos below to suit the shape of your gift package.



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55 x 55cm


100% Cotton Satin


Zero waste objective


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Furoshiki can be reused:
  • to wrap another gift
  • for wrapping your lunch container

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